• Socialize in Color

    Have a little more fun Socializing. Socialize in Color! First download Twitters Night Mode: Twitter for Android Nite Mode Then Gain Followers by Following us using these hashtags as you Post: #GathwithEllie #ccBoost #SteemDrive #1Family #1First #1DDrive Follow: https://twitter.com/Gain_TweetsIFB Find […]

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  • Learning to Blog

    Many of us have been on Social Media for quite awhile. Seeing posts with lots of Likes, Shares and Follows. Being involved is your first attempt at “micro-blogging”. It’s exciting and some get visions of becoming a Social Media Influencer […]

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  • Common Mistakes on Twitter

    Twitter is an exciting, cool, and extremely profitable social network site. Millions of people are now using the site to talk about various subjects. Indeed, it is a micro-blogging site for those who can’t stop talking. There are also common […]

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  • How To Use Twitter

    Twitter has hit the online social community by storm. It now ranks second among all the social network websites . Twitter was launched in August 2006 and currently it has over 330 million users worldwide. So, have you done some […]

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  • Losing Twitter Followers

    Perhaps you’ve spent a considerable amount of time in following many people on Twitter and also for getting more followers. But did you know that it’s also possible to lose followers on this social network? If you’re using the ‘auto […]

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social 1958774 1920 - How Often To Post On Social Media

standard How Often To Post On Social Media

Wondering how often to post on social media? Great question. The short answer is, “As often as you can post quality content, consistently.” Quality and consistency are key to social media success. The longer answer is: Recent studies have shown […]

marketing plan cover - How to Build A Social Media Marketing Plan

standard How to Build A Social Media Marketing Plan

Building a social media marketing plan requires time and answers to many of the same questions. The key to success in creating a social media marketing plan is knowing the correct questions to ask and providing detailed answers to questions. […]

interaction youtube - How to Launch your Own Video Channel

standard How to Launch your Own Video Channel

You can easily connect with like-minded people by making videos and sharing them. For some 85 percent of U.S. teens, a smartphone is their tool of choice to watch, share and publish videos, according to Pew Research Center. Video and […]

photo 1533750349088 cd871a92f312 - What Social Network is Best For Your Small Business

standard What Social Network is Best For Your Small Business

Marketing on social networking sites has become a standard way for many small and large companies to further their business objectives. Some experts suggest that where a company is heavily reliant upon the Internet for lead generation, having accounts on […]

Monetize your Business through Social Media

standard How You Can Build Trust on Social Media

Are you using social media as a tool to build trust? Social media is an incredible place for your brand to build trust and showcase what sets you apart from others in your industry. It’s a perfect place where you […]

Social Media Guidelines for Business

standard Creative Content Ideas for Instagram

You may already have a handful of ideas about the sort of photo or video content that you want to share, or that you already know works well. But, what do you do when you run out of ideas? How […]

Gain Followers Online Free

standard Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Social Media

Approximately 70% of my monthly traffic comes from social media, but just because you’re posting on Instagram or Facebook or wherever you are active – that doesn’t automatically translate into blog traffic. Using social media effectively to drive more people […]

How to get more Traffic to your Website

standard How to Grow Your Blog

Starting a blog is one thing, but figuring out how to grow your blog is no joke. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s not easy.  I want to help take some of the guess-work out of it for […]

Generating Traffic through Social Media

standard Gain Mutual Followers

Reply with ”❤️ ” and follow everyone who likes your reply. Hearts are WILD in this Gain Game. FIND, Like, Retweet & Reply to your Hearts Desire. #1First #1Family #SteemDrive #SteemEngine #BadAssGains #TurboBoost #GainRiot #ccBoost #FollowDiamonds #FollowGold #Crypto  


standard Twitter Trends and Tools

So you decided to make the plunge and get on Twitter? Many people have decided to expand their Social Media presense off of Facebook and Instagram for many reasons. The primary reason is usually to Gain a broader scope with […]

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standard Get Paid to Share Products You Love

This is an Easy Work at Home Opportunity, especially if you enjoy being Social. Social Commerce, a whole New way of Life. Just Tell a Friend and earn Points as Rewards. You can use these Rewards towards a Purchase or […]

socialbusiness - Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

standard Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

It wasn’t long ago that the idea of a watch that did anything more than tell time was a figment of futuristic fantasy. Now technologies once deemed high-end luxuries for only the wealthy are completely common. Yet new advances keep […]

rules - The Twitter Rules 2019

standard The Twitter Rules 2019

From Twitter: The Twitter Rules “We believe that everyone should have the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. In order to protect the experience and safety of people who use Twitter, there are some limitations […]

people instagram covers - How To Make Your Own Instagram Highlight Covers

standard How To Make Your Own Instagram Highlight Covers

Today I’m sharing a quick step by step tutorial so you can easily make your own! I promise it’s super easy to do. Why should you create pretty Instagram highlight covers? Well if you’re anything like me, pretty things make […]

Best Social Media Guidelines

standard The Truth about Secret Sister Exchange

By now, you’ve seen it. The Secret Sister Exchange on Facebook. SECRET SISTER GIFT EXCHANGE!!!!!! ? ⛄️❄️LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR ??Anyone interested in a holiday gift exchange?! I don’t care where you live, you are welcome to join. I […]

twt - Gain Game TRICK

standard Gain Game TRICK

Have you been playing the Gain Game? Tired of manually Following Back people who are Following you? Want an AUTOFOLLOW BACK Trick? Try This! It Works! TWITTER: *Unfollow Old (to make room) *Click into your Followers List. *Hit F12 on […]


standard There are 2 Sides to Every Coin

If you are on Twitter, chances are you’ve heard the Buzzwords #TwitterPurge or #TwitterLockout. Exactly what is all this about? When you open an Account on Twitter, you are asked a few very simple questions. What’s your name? Email address? […]


standard Shop Our Store

Have you become an Online Social Butterfly? Want to learn how to Gain Followers or Show your LOVE of all things Social? Find a Book or Show your Social Savvy on a Tshirt! We have great gifts for your Butterfly […]

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mobile phone 1917737 960 720 - 6 Tips That Can Explode Business Growth

standard 6 Tips That Can Explode Business Growth

There are some ways to improve your social media platforms, but as a small business owner, you don’t have a ton of time to devote to growing your social platforms. These easy-to-implement tweaks to your social platforms can explode business […]

fb - Facebook Ads: The Do’s and The Don’ts

standard Facebook Ads: The Do’s and The Don’ts

Are you using Facebook correctly? Here are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to Facebook Ads. #1. Don’t Boost Your Post I know Facebook gives you a great incentive to boost your post for only $5 but this isn’t […]


standard Capitalizing on Twitter’s Popularity

Many business owners are now capitalizing on Twitter’s popularity to market their business. Twittering is very addictive and it’s no wonder why millions of people send out tweets all day long. The tweets are merely 140 characters and it is […]


standard Maximizing Twitter Traffic

Internet marketers these days want to dominate social networks. Well, as an internet marketer, it will be easier to access the global market through Twitter and other social sites. By simply making friends online, you can already build a list […]


standard Twitter Marketing 101

Thanks to the internet, you can now access the world market to promote various products and services. Many individuals now maintain their own websites to market their business. There are also lots of online tools that you can use to […]

How to get more Traffic to your Website

standard Network Marketing and Twitter

Did you know that you can engage in simultaneous conversion through Twitter? This social network website has definitely hit the online community hard and fast ever since it was launched in 2006. It has millions of subscribers worldwide and if […]

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social 1958772 960 720 - How to Become a Social Media Manager

standard How to Become a Social Media Manager

What is a social media manager? A social media manager is the person in charge of creating content and a solid social media strategy, managing the selected platform(s), and engaging with the followers of a business’ social media channels. They […]

photo 1497030947858 3f40f1508e84 - Instagram 101: How To Gain 1K Followers In One Month

standard Instagram 101: How To Gain 1K Followers In One Month

There’s always that point where you see your follow count slowly drops, your most recently posted picture has ten likes in several hours, your comments and engagement rates are dwindling and you have nothing to post. Those days are what […]

Monetize your Business through Social Media

standard Social Media Mistakes

Gaining new followers on social media is something that may seem easy, but takes a tremendous amount of effort. It can become especially difficult when you’re managing a variety of platforms. If you find that you’re losing followers and aren’t […]

How to get more Real Followers

standard How to Grow Your Twitter Following

It’s your job to know how to capture people like a rare Pokémon hiding in bushes. And to do that, you’ve got to understand people. And therein lies the holy grail of online marketing wisdom. Or the line you hear […]

Free Online Social Media Strategy

standard Get Paid to Share Content

Have you ever wanted to become a Social Media Influencer? How about getting Paid to Socialize? Get started Quick and Easy. Here’s How: There is No Charge to Join. Earnings are Determined by the number of Views and Likes. Just […]


standard 5 Ways to Boost Home Wi-Fi

Sponsored Content In today’s connected world, it’s almost unthinkable to function without an internet connection, and for practical purposes most households need wireless connectivity for everyone to fully enjoy their internet-enabled devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions, thermostats, security cameras […]

Spotify playlists own - How to Build the Perfect Playlist

standard How to Build the Perfect Playlist

Sponsored Content Music can set the mood, no matter the occasion. Whether you’re playing jazz classics to give your dinner party a sophisticated ambience or blasting the latest dance-pop tracks for motivation on the treadmill, music is able to provide […]