standard Facebook 101: How to Instantly Gain Followers on Facebook

When Facebook first launched, many people were excited to have a place to Post & Chat instantly with all their closest Friends and Family.

Millions of people remain on Facebook with their same small inner circle (maybe 50-150 Friends & Family).

These are the people who choose to remain private. If they could, they would Block Ads. Unless you met them in person, don’t message them. Do not call. Just GO AWAY! 

So online Business people went to Twitter and Linked In, only to find it difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE to Find Followers. (It’s doable, but takes a lot of work!)

Listed BELOW is a Guaranteed Way to Gain New Friends & Followers on Facebook.

  1. Create a Business Profile. One about you as a Business person. Include a personal picture of you & your family.
  2. Create your Bio. Who are you & what do you Like?
  3. Then seek out Others who have that same Criteria listed in their Bio. For Instance: if you are a Chef. Seek Chef. If you like to Eat, seek out Pitmaster. If you Socialize, find Social Media Influencer. Are you Cheap? Seek out Frugal.

Invite them to befriend you. Before long, Others will start to see you have mutual interests and will start requesting a Friendship from you.

Then make occasional personal & professional posts.

The idea here is to keep your personal Pictures, Viewpoints & Political Stance completely separate on another profile for people you know well. This will allow you to mildly influence your new Friends with Business ideas without being too over bearing.

Happy Gaining!

Let us know How this Works for YOU!

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