standard How to Gain Followers on Twitter


Gaining Followers on your Twitter account is very important.

Many people have Twitter Accounts to Socialize. That’s easy enough. You find your Friends and set your Home page to Topics you like. Viola! You like and retweet as desired and Gaining comes naturally.

But, what if you want to Gain a Mass Audience?

1.Well, if you want to attract different people with different interests, join the “IFB” movement. IFB (or #ifb) means I Follow Back. If you search Twitter for keywords such as Gain Followers, Follow Help, Gain Tricks, FollowTrain or Gain Tweets, you will find Twitter Influencers doing Tweet Gains.

They will Post things like “Follow Everyone Who Likes This” Or “RETWEET and Like. Follow Everyone“.

If you do as they say, the Tweet will hit your Profile Page when done. If you REPLY #IFB you will have access to the data once Complete. And you will have let everyone know in the Broadcast Message, that you are a Player, will #Followback and Participate.

Wait an hour or two, then click on the Post.

Then CLICK INTO RETWEETS – You will be able to see and FOLLOW everyone who is Playing. Do so, by CLICKING here:


Then do the same on the Likes button.

You will attract a Broad Audience.

2.If you would like to Gain Followers within your Niche or be a little more “Picky” with your interactions (remember, you’ll have changed your News to include all your new friends posts). You can POST THIS:

RETWEET my Pinned Post and I’ll RETWEET Yours.

That will give you and your new friends opportunity to visit each others Personal Pages. Then you can take the friendship on your own terms.

WARNING: Be sure to control who is following you and who you are following. If you follow too many people without a followback, you will get a Twitter Slap.

Use a Tool like Unfollow Spy to help you. It’s FREE and you can Unfollow or Follow quickly.

And remember to Retweet others and Post relevant Content to keep your Klout Score positive.



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