standard Gain Game TRICK

Have you been playing the Gain Game?

Tired of manually Following Back people who are Following you?


Try This! It Works!


*Unfollow Old (to make room)

*Click into your Followers List.

*Hit F12 on your Keyboard

*Go to Console

*Paste This & *HIT ENTER …….. AUTO Follow Script Bot: Click In To Get:

*Scroll your Followers Page (help it along)

*Then “X” out and re-login.

The App will Automatically Follow Everyone until it times out.

Wait a few minutes, do it again. It will not change your Twitter Settings.

Do it as OFTEN as you need and Follow us for more Gains and Tricks at : Gain Followers IFB

Please Note: Your Follower to Unfollower Ratio must be in Good Standing or Twitter will Time You Out.

Unfollow Some and Try Again Later!

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