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How to get Traffic to your Blog Online

As Bloggers, we work hard to write compelling stories to share our views, opinions, tips and tricks hoping to get as many views as possible.

Then we learn we have to become knowledgeable about SEO and Google Rankings.

We try to outsmart the system by joining boards, forums and sharing on social media, just hoping our content catches on and goes viral.

When you share your content on social media, you may get views, but it rarely goes Viral.

Even if it gets shared or retweeted, since the source is you, it doesn’t change your Google Ranking.

But what if you could get others to organically select your posts and share or tweet you?

That would be great! Wouldn’t it?
Viral Content Buzz

Well, I’d like to share a little secret! There is an online community doing just that! Viral Content Bee.

Simply sign in with your Twitter or Facebook Account. Answer a few questions and fill out your Bio.
Once you join, they give you 10 credits for free. To earn more, simply share other people’s projects! You get credits each time you share! You gain points based on your audience size.

100-999 = 1
1000-4999 = 2
5000-9999 = 3
10000-49999 = 4
50000+ = 5

250-499 = 2
500-999 = 3
1000-2499 = 4
2500+ = 5

You can also spread the word about them and earn up to 100 credits here or you can purchase credits directly on the site.

Example of Viral Content:


“Virality” happens naturally and may have various factors (none of which still guarantees anything):

Content quality and (visual) appeal
Content originality
Content timeliness
Content exposure to social media influencers who can seed some essential visibility

So if you have a Blog or Tumbler, give it a try! You wont be disappointed.

Join Viral Content Now!

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