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If you are on Twitter, chances are you’ve heard the Buzzwords #TwitterPurge or #TwitterLockout.

Exactly what is all this about?

When you open an Account on Twitter, you are asked a few very simple questions. What’s your name? Email address? Phone number? What are your Interests? Select User name.

You are then allowed access. But are required to get Verified. That means confirm through your phone number.

Once you are in, you start looking for friends, articles and followers.

Many people cheat. They go for the shortcut of paying for followers or trying an app that promises “automatic” followers.

Twitter is onto the game.

Twitter has vowed to keep Content and Audiences,  Authentic and Original.


So here’s what these Hashtags mean.

#TwitterPurge – When Twitter cleanses their List to remove Locked Accounts, Bots, Apps and Accounts with unusual activity.

#TwitterLockout – Twitter will give you several warnings to clean up your Account prior to Removing you. You will get locked out Temporarily, then Permanently.

Because it is really so easy to set up a Twitter Account, or Multiple Twitter Accounts to Spam, Annoy, Clog the System, etc. They really want you to Verify who you are. So – Confirm via phone & set your Privacy Settings.

You can prevent many headaches by simply checking your own Settings and doing things manually. Like finding and working for your own followers. (Publish posts about yourself, your business, your feelings, etc). Your personal info will not be shared with anyone unless you specify it to, so check your settings now. You’d be surprised at how off it really is!

Check here:

The first time around for me with #TwitterPurge I checked my Settings and saw I was a male from Thailand interested in Religion. So far from the Truth. Once I cleaned up my Followers and News / Home Page got Better!

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There are 2 Sides to Every Coin

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